They run, they run the Rockets-

For each team, the preseason is synonymous with objectives and testing. For the Pacers were tested as power forward Paul George. The Lakers, Kobe Bryant discovers the game without the ball alongside two playmakers. In the Rockets, it will integrate T

Devin Booker, the promising spark Phoenix

On paper, the similarities between Devin Booker and Kobe Bryant are numerous. Born in 1996, the year of the draft Kobe Bryant, he also occupies the position of the rear top of his 1m98, the same size as the Laker. Besides, he also was selected at the

Clint Capela: appetite comes with playing

For his second comeback in Houston, Clint Capela is more comfortable, and that's to say. The young helvète within Rockets has actually established as a real player rotation at the end of last season. Holder for the first game of the season? Author of

Evan Fournier, the Magic has the size to play soon

Back in Florida after a busy summer with the team of France, Evan Fournier was allowed to stand by his coach Scott Skiles for the start of the preseason. Shot in the ankle during the Eurobasket, the back of the Magic needed to blow before starting hi

Minnesota: Ricky Rubio in no condition to play

There was no disputing that the Cavaliers their scrimmage Monday night, as the Timberwolves also took advantage of the evening to present the new heads of the workforce to their audience in an internal opposition. A match that has not played Ricky Ru

Alessandro Gentile in the NBA next year?

While it has yet extended through 2018 with Milan, Alessandro Gentile always seems to be one of Houston's priorities. According to ESPN, the Rockets hope to be able to get him in the NBA as of next year, although new three-year contract necessarily c

[prospect] Dragan Bender, the last Croatian nugget

He is 17 years old, measuring 2m16 and figure prospect is No. 1 in Europe for players born in 1997. His name? Dragan Bender. A native of Bosnia-Herzegovina but member teams of young people in Croatia, Dragan will play this season for Maccabi Tel Aviv

[preview 2015/16] Number 20: Charlotte Hornets

Since September 26, USA Basketball is thrown into the water by offering its traditional previews for the regular season. Like every year, it performs a countdown, the 30th to 1st place, and it is a comprehensive synthesis of the choice of writing. As

Stephon Marbury deals Michael Jordan "thief"

Stephon Marbury and his Starbury are back, and former Knicks hopes to upset the world again of the shoe. On Twitter, Marbury did not hesitate to go after Michael Jordan in recent hours. "Jordan steals the ghetto. Children die for shoes and the only r

Minnesota cultivates LaVine

It is with great skepticism Zach LaVine was repositioned to lead last season. Natural striker, spectacular dunk, the player did not seem to have the qualities to organize the game, although he had previously held this position at UCLA. It was easy to

LA Lakers: Byron Scott drives are they too hard?

Defeated the Jazz in their first preseason game, the Lakers missed juice late in the game. This observation, like last year, questions management Byron Scott, known for his energy intensive training camps. Not surprisingly, the coach swept this chall

Golden State ensures face the Raptors

Despite the absence of their tutor, Steve Kerr, the Warriors did not miss their return against Toronto. On the floor of San Jose, where he had not played for 15 years, Golden State won its first game 95-87 preseason, not without struggle facing priva

the absence of their tutor

Operated back this summer, Steve Kerr, the coach of the Warriors, needs rest and step back, and the club management has indicated that he would be absent until further notice. For players from Golden State, it is not so serious since the Kerr assista