The race for MVP: A five major stands

Every Tuesday Basketball USA offers the Top 5 candidates for Most Valuable Player in 2012. While the suspense is always appropriate in relation the final outcome, this tenth edition is not really under the sign of change. Our Top 5 remains the same a

Chicago New York plunged into crisis

The Knicks had at heart to show another image against the league leaders and the MVP in 2011, Derrick Rose. If the match was intense, like the rivalry between the two teams, and announces a smell of playoffs, Los Bulls are needed in this "Noche

Doping in pigeon racing

We knew greyhound racing or rabbits, but be aware that in Belgium there are pigeon racing. More precisely competitions speeds made with pigeons. Very serious trials that brew million, such that in May, a pigeon named Bolt (sic) has sold 310,000 euros

DJ Augustin

Facing a Cleveland team that always much harm far from its bases, Chicago end a run of four consecutive setbacks, winning 100-84). The Bulls can thank DJ Augustin and Joakim Noah. The former leader of the Bobcats, who arrived ten days ago, delivered

NCAA Tournament: Table print

Conference finals have given their verdict this weekend, and the NCAA has unveiled the final table of the NCAA Tournament, better known under the name of "March Madness." Beaten Sunday in the final, North Carolina and Kentucky are still see

1000th Paul Pierce Boston a rare feat

This is a rare event these days in the NBA, a player who played his 1,000th regular season game in the same colors. The author is none other than Paul Pierce, author of 22 points against Portland. "The Truth" remembers his first game.

The Blazers are a slap in Boston

No more for the team of Nicolas Batum. Still travel for five other matches, the team arrived in Boston Blazers with 5 defeats in their last six outings. So that's 6 of 7 with a suitcase trompe-l'oeil (104-86) received from the hands of the Celtics th

Evan Turner

Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart absent, Brad Stevens had decided last night to entrust leads to Evan Turner. The former Sixers player is never as strong as when the ball in hand, and it went perfectly because Boston has passed one of the evening's explo

Iman Shumpert shaved his cut "flattop"

In New York, the cut "flattop" Iman Shumpert had become part of the player's identity and even the team. But that time is over. Because there are a few days, the player has shaved. No explanation for the moment but Shumpert may be a surpris

Milwaukee - Chicago: Derrick Rose at the buzzer!

Since his return from injury, Derrick Rose is slowly regaining his MVP level of 2011. Against Milwaukee, he realized one of his best games of the season with the icing on the cake, the basket of the victory at the buzzer ( 106-104). A shoot that owes

Jean meets the limit of low

A sacrifice necessary to Dierry Jean 1:34 Thursday, June 12, 2014. 3:30 p.m. MONTREAL - It was far from clear, but Dierry Jean nevertheless managed to comply with the 135-pound limit for his fight Friday night at the Pierre-Charbonneau Centre. Jean (

Dawson back June 21

Chad Dawson (Image Source: Vincent Ethier) Wednesday, June 11, 2014. 7:20 p.m. Former linear heavyweight champion Chad Dawson weight make his return to the ring on June 21, when he will face George Blades The Ring reported Wednesday. Dawson (3

On the road of WBC

David Lemieux (Image Source: Vincent Ethier) Wednesday, June 11, 2014. 3:30 p.m. With his victory at the expense of Fernando Guerrero in May, David Lemieux moved up into the top-5 rankings middleweight WBC and IBF in the last days. And since Sam Soli

Jean opponent changes

Dierry Jean (Image Source: Getty) Press EOTTM Wednesday, 11 June 2014 24:27 MONTREAL - As a result of complications related to obtaining the visa of the Mexican Daniel Ruiz (32-7-2, 22 KOs), Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) preferred opponent for

Lemieux climbs in the standings

David Lemieux (Image Source: Vincent Ethier) Tuesday, June 10, 2014. 7:23 p.m. The recent victory by knockout David Lemieux to American Fernando Guerrero allowed him to leapfrog ten rankings in the WBC middleweight rankings. 13th ranked conten

Lemieux refuses eliminator

"The refusal of Lemieux's not surprising" 3:18 Monday, June 9, 2014. 3:17 p.m. David Lemieux on Monday received a letter from the FBI inviting them to participate in an elimination bout for the middleweight title. Read also Lemieux h

Is this the end of Martinez?

Freddie Roach, the trainer of Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez. (Image Source: PC) Sunday, 8 June 2014 12:10 Sergio Martinez hit a wall last Saturday night in front of over 21,000 people assembled in the temple of boxing, Madison Square Garden. His p

Jeremy Lin will stay in the five Knicks

Solid in the money-time extension before Sunday in Boston, Jeremy Lin has collapsed in the five additional minutes. Opposite, Rajon Rondo was making a historical show and in the end, the C's are needed after feeling the breath of the cleaver very clo

Interview Metta World Peace: "Ron is back"

How do you say renaissance in the world of Metta World Peace? The winger Lakers is an atypical player and being apart. Kobe often room on his psychological aberrations. Sometimes Metta not only elsewhere. He is alone in its galaxy, isolated. Misunder

Contest: Win a PS Vita portable console (299 euros)

Sony's new handheld console was released worldwide (excluding Japan and Hong Kong) on ​​22 February. His name: PS Vita. USA Basketball on, we try to bring into play the greatest gifts and this week we are delighted to organize a competition for you t

Picture of the day: Jeremy Lin took the wall

One can not speak of "rookie wall" because Jeremy Lin is "sophomore", but this image symbolizes the mixed event experienced by the leader of the Knicks. Whereas everywhere now, Lin knew he would live a very special night at the TD

The Lakers stifle the attack of Heat

When Ron becomes Metta, the Lakers can again claim the greenest laurels. World Peace returned winger impact that Mike Brown is looking for two months, LA takes revenge on Miami (93-83), Private Chris Bosh, and dropped by a transparent Wade. In an ele

Dirk Nowitzki (40 points) out all the stops

Dallas, times began to be tough with four consecutive losses. And to make matters worse, the Mavs received the Utah Jazz coming out of a convincing win against the Heat of the Three Amigos. Despite an aching back, Dirk Nowitzki has literally caught f

Minnesota Portland plunges into crisis

There are problems with the Blazers Nate McMillan could be cut squarely in the coming days. Portland does not look like anything, and despite a super Nicolas Batum (29 pts), the franchise Oregon bows at home to Minnesota (122-110). Led by a great Kev

Memphis destroys Rockets

The Rockets (9V-2D) may not be as badly thought they had to get out of their game at Memphis (10V-1D) that night. The Grizzlies have proven that night they deserved the top spot in the Western Conference by crushing their first rival, 119-93. A fourt

Wilt Chamberlain

Four titles of best player in the league came garnish the basket of Wilt Chamberlain in the 60s It took an army like the Celtics of Red Auerbach and Bill Russell to regularly stand in the way of the title to the one nicknamed "The Stilt ".

Kevin Durant, the man money time

NBA schedule is such that some games of the long regular season are in fact already duels at the top. This was the case in this game East - West between Orlando and Oklahoma City. After his stellar performance this weekend, Kevin Durant wakes up in t

Blake Griffin dad but separated

At 24, Blake Griffin is a father for the first time a boy born last month, and Ford named Wilson. The child also bear the name of his mother, Brynn Cameron, former UCLA player and already mother of a little boy born of his union with the American foo