Pau Gasol worried about his foot

New tile for the Lakers Pau Gasol who saw the drop late in the game last night, a foot injury. After the meeting the pivot seemed preoccupied. That's when I took off. I felt that it was pulling on the bottom of my foot, on the arch and I could not ge

Pass 10 for the Warriors in Milwaukee

The machine David Lee mode enabled this monster night with 22 points (10/12) and 18 rebounds for his 10th victory of the Warriors 101-80 on the Bucks. It is the longest winning streak in the franchise since 1975. ... the title of Stephen Curry contri

Derrick Rose: "I think long term"

After two seasons almost white, Derrick Rose's condition is still a major concern in Chicago. The leader knows this and understands the concern of fans every time he misses the matches, he wants to share his approach. "I know that many people ar