5 Lessons Clippers vs Nuggets

If I finished last season with my "5 Keys" I'll enjoy the preseason to try to draw some lessons from the games that the NBA is proposing. No conclusion on rotations or tactical choice of different coaches, because ... it's only the preseaso

Iman Shumpert shaved his cut "flattop"

In New York, the cut "flattop" Iman Shumpert had become part of the player's identity and even the team. But that time is over. Because there are a few days, the player has shaved. No explanation for the moment but Shumpert may be a surpris

Football Juventus, Cagliari tip Bouy

CALCIOMERCATO JUVENTUS CAGLIARI BOUY - Juventus, the team that can boast a spring made ​​of very interesting players, is trying to send the young borrow more ready for the World Cup, so that you have for the next few years, samples homemade. And 'the

AGF coach before bottom bang: It'll succeed

Photo: FrontzoneSport.dk Share Tweet Email On Sunday afternoon can AGF coach Jesper Fred Berg and the players look forward to massive support out against Viborg, which is expected up to 1200 AGF fans in the away section. Bottom Gyseren between the bo