Lucian Bute gets citizenship

Monday, 26 March 2012 13:29 MONTREAL - Lucian Bute arrived in Canada in a snow storm in November 2003, not knowing what the future held for him. The native of Pachea, Romania, would undertake a career that would see him become champion of the IBF sup

Mahan withdraws at Bay Hill

Hunter Mahan (Image source: Getty) AP Sunday, 23 March 2014 10:43 ORLANDO, Fla. - Hunter Mahan withdrew from the tournament invitations Arnold Palmer because of pain in the lower back. Read also The advance of Scott background Mahan said his back sta

A golden future for Rey Mysterio on leaving?

In recent days, the future of Rey Mysterio WWE has generated much discussion. Right now, most of the scenes members expressed aware that a place in the federation is no longer possible for Rey Mysterio and with only three months left in the contract

Collective strength

Nene was the Brazilian scorer with 12 points, against the French (Colin Foster / Handout) The Brazilian team male made his penultimate friendly before the London Olympics, on the afternoon of Saturday (21/07). In debut in the friendly triangular Fran