Henin and Clijsters access the 3rd round

AP Wednesday, 23 June 2010 10:55 WIMBLEDON - The Belgian Justine Henin was hot at Wimbledon on Wednesday, and not only because of the very pleasant temperature. The service of the Grand Slam champion was broken seven times twice while serving for the

Meet Jerry West, the eminence grise of Warriors

"I'm a counselor, I have opinions on the players and I give them. "That's how Jerry West defines us function within the organizational Warriors. Four years after his departure from the Grizzlies, the legend of the floors was back in service

Juventus, Chiellini finally available: I'm ready

Chiellini Juventus News-They come good news at Juventus for the match against Siena on Sunday at 15. Giorgio Chiellini is in fact recovered and helpful. It 'was just Chiellini to make this known during a meeting with supporters in Creswell, in the pr