Ukraine too strong for Germany

Ukraine continues its perfect record in the Euro with a third win convincingly against Germany 88-83. Germany has made a good return late in the game to pass three minutes from the end after posting 16 points late in the third quarter but Ukraine has

Martindale at the helm of the Raiders? Sunday, Jan. 18. 2009. 3:35 p.m. The linebackers coach Don Martindale Oakland so impressed Al Davis during his interview for the vacant defensive coordinator of the team that the flamboyant owner of the Raiders now toying with the idea of ​​of

Federer still flew over the season

Saturday, December 24 2005. 11:00 LONDON (AP) - Roger Federer continued to fly over the scene of the men's tennis in 2005 while a bunch of players shared the honors in the women. After winning three majors in 2004, Federer became the first player in

John Wall: "I'm the fastest player in the NBA"

In great shape for several matches, John Wall does not say enough about ... himself. When asked if Russell Westbrook, his opponent in the evening, is the fastest player in the league, the leader of the Wizards is categorical. "No, I'd say it's m