Lubos Barton victory to the Czech Republic!

POLAND CZECH REPUBLIC 68-69 The Czech Republic has made ​​a superb return to snatch victory 69-68 4 seconds left on a three-point shot Lubos Barton. Yet the Czechs relied behind 8 points in less than 3 minutes remaining but Lubos Barton made a festiv

Dramatic ... and very important!

Tony Cruz (Image source: PC), AP Thursday, Sep 18, 2014. 10:52 p.m. Tony Cruz hit a single dramatic 13th inning, allowing the Cardinals to St. Louis a little closer to a second straight title in the central section of the National, with a vict

Dancevic back quickly to earth Monday, Jan 12. 2009. 9:25 p.m. After successfully carving out a place in the main draw of the tournament in Sydney, Ontario's Frank Dancevic hit a wall in the first round on Tuesday Dancevic has caved in to the fifth-seeded Russian Igor Andre

Bullying will be crucial

Colin Kaepernick and Chris Clemons (Image source: PC) AP Fri, Jan 17. 2014. 7:48 p.m. RENTON, Wash. - Players towering football, who advocate a physical style of play, never intimidated. No noise or temperature, or by statistics or the violence of co

Football Rome, Monday Doni passes to Liverpool

CALCIOMERCATO ROME - The agent Ovidio Colucci, prosecutor's Brazilian goalkeeper Doni in Rome, confirmed Monday that his client will go to Liverpool. Speaking with Sports Network, said: "At the beginning of next week I will meet with the leaders

Champions League Inter, like increasingly Armero

CALCIOMERCATO INTER ARMERO - In addition to the derby on the field, Juventus and Inter will play tonight at the Juventus Stadium, the two companies are ready to unleash a major auction market. The subject this time is Pablo Armero, Colombia external