Pablo Osvaldo, the fighter Southampton

Southampton striker Pablo Osvaldo, was suspended two weeks by his club for "violating the code of conduct." According to the Dailymail, he would have given a whim to teammate Jose Fonte during a workout. The Argentine player is not his firs

Gerard Pique is transformed into zombie

Gerard Piqué, huge fan of zombies, agreed to be transformed by two women sharing the same passion Madrid as he. From this zany story, a few exchanges of tweets and a banner in the aisles of the Vicente Calderon stadium in the match between Atletico M

[Feature] In the hell Bobcats, part

Continuation and end of our report to the Bobcats, worst NBA team. Sunday night, we find them for Charlotte - Philadelphia. After their success against the Raptors, ex-teammates Boris Diaw then had the opportunity to win for the second time in a row.

[Feature] Diving in hell Bobcats

After you have been living inside the March Madness Basketball USA takes you this weekend in Charlotte. Goal, find the Bobcats, the worst team in the NBA. A tour of purgatory in some way with our photographer Thomas Savoja guide. This Saturday night,

NBA logos reviewed how football clubs

Milan Vuckovic is a Serbian designer and his latest idea was to transform the NBA logos logos of football clubs, such as found in Europe. The idea is original and some logos are particularly successful ... but others are less so. Judge its complete c

peeled in our section Coaching

Mike Brown explained that the system had been designed by his assistant John Kuester. The latter refused to take all the credit and said that it was Mike Brown who deserved praise. After all, whatever. What is certain, however, is that the system set

[Mix] D-Wade Experience

M3Dprod decided to innovate for his new mix. He cracked on a remix of a piece of M83 by a Californian DJ (Patrick Reza), and decided to draw inspiration for a mix of Dwyane Wade. It prevents you, it can sting the eyes, but the work is remarkable, and

Thunder strikes down the Bulls

It was the game that everyone expected between the leaders of each conference, but the shock was cut short. Oklahoma City has totally atomized a Chicago team too inconsistent, not clever enough and especially its leader orphan Derrick Rose. Worn by K

New York ridicules Dwight Howard and the Magic

Deprived of Stoudemire and Lin, the Knicks just realize one of their best games of the season. As in the first confrontation between the two teams, Dwight Howard has not existed facing Tyson Chandler. Cut of any game in transition, the Magic fell sha

French Corner: Kevin magician out of the box

Turbulent weeks for our expat '! There has been movement with Boris and Ronny who find ambitious clubs (and the sun) in San Antonio and Miami, and then there was the big side of Kevin Seraphin that achieves its best month (by far) in its young NBA ca

Diego Maradona shows his muscles

Diego Maradona he decided to get into shape? If this photo is not fake, it looks like. The image was posted on Twitter by Dalma, the daughter of the legend of Argentine football. So we discover a smiling Maradona biceps in action. Surely the result o

his portrait

NBA Champion from his rookie season, Sam Cassell had to wait for 35 years to know the individual consecration via All-Star selection. Wherever he went, the "Chinese" seduced by its very specific game, contagious energy and boundless passion

The gentle giant out of the shadows

Jeff Perrett (Image Source: Montreal Alouettes - Rogerio Barbosa) Friday, 7 November 2014 8:02 MONTREAL - Hard to believe that the work of a giant six-foot-seven and 320 pounds had not been recognized in seven seasons with the Alouettes. In fact, it'

The Heat suddenly hot to eclipse the Suns

There will be no fifth win in a row for Phoenix. And yet, 10 in the middle of the last quarter, it was thought that the Suns would redo the shot in Miami. Only the Three Amigos embark on a 17-0 fatal to their opponents (99-95). Chris Bosh finished wi

Russell Westbrook creates underwear

Great "fashion victim" before the Lord, Russell Westbrook will now be able to put his imagination to public service. According to, the leader of the Thunder signed a contract with the brand underwear "Kings and Jaxs. "In a

New York: Carmelo Anthony would ask partir-

Cold with Mike D'Antoni and disappointed that its leaders do not consult the recruitment, Carmelo Anthony reportedly told relatives that he would leave the Knicks by Thursday (the deadline is fixed at 20:00 French time). This is what announces on Wed

PS Vita console competition: the winner

This is unheard of for a competition jointly organized by USA Basketball and "World Basketball" (there was a small quarantine): You have been more than 6,000 to participate in the game organized throughout last week with a pretty nice lot,

The terrible news mascot Pelicans

After giggling a lot of people by choosing the "Pelicans" the leaders of the New Orleans franchise continues on the same path by opting for one of the most hideous sports mascots US. This bird meets the sweet name of Peter, and saw the outf

Jimmy Butler, the rookie surprise Chicago

Tom Thibodeau was very clear at the beginning of the season, the preparation period was too short for Jimmy Butler hopes to join the rotation this year. Just under three months later, the Bulls rookie just beat first his minutes career high (28 again

The race for MVP: A five major stands

Every Tuesday Basketball USA offers the Top 5 candidates for Most Valuable Player in 2012. While the suspense is always appropriate in relation the final outcome, this tenth edition is not really under the sign of change. Our Top 5 remains the same a

Chicago New York plunged into crisis

The Knicks had at heart to show another image against the league leaders and the MVP in 2011, Derrick Rose. If the match was intense, like the rivalry between the two teams, and announces a smell of playoffs, Los Bulls are needed in this "Noche

Doping in pigeon racing

We knew greyhound racing or rabbits, but be aware that in Belgium there are pigeon racing. More precisely competitions speeds made with pigeons. Very serious trials that brew million, such that in May, a pigeon named Bolt (sic) has sold 310,000 euros

DJ Augustin

Facing a Cleveland team that always much harm far from its bases, Chicago end a run of four consecutive setbacks, winning 100-84). The Bulls can thank DJ Augustin and Joakim Noah. The former leader of the Bobcats, who arrived ten days ago, delivered

NCAA Tournament: Table print

Conference finals have given their verdict this weekend, and the NCAA has unveiled the final table of the NCAA Tournament, better known under the name of "March Madness." Beaten Sunday in the final, North Carolina and Kentucky are still see