The Raptors remain unbeaten at home

Kyle Lowry (19 points) and Terrence Ross (17 points) were needed to put together a 11 point deficit in the fourth quarter-time to beat Orlando (2V-6D) 104-100. The Raptors (7V-1D) and remain unbeaten at home (5V-0D) and obtain a ninth consecutive vic

OKC laughing, crying Dallas

Last year, Russell Westbrook took the media flames to have overplayed his role. And if this year it was the turn of Kevin Durant to lose some pedals. Usually so careful and clean, Durantula is tangled at the start of the playoffs. After his 10/27, th

NBA officially unveils Christmas jerseys

No sleeved jerseys this season for Christmas, but a small change from the usual jerseys since it is not the name but the name of the players who will be enrolled in the back. The jerseys of certain players will be available this weekend on NBAStore.c

The shop of the Brooklyn Nets is open

T-Shirts, caps, shirts ... Here is what we can already offer in the online shop of the Brooklyn Nets. On Monday, the franchise officially landed in Brooklyn, one of New York neighborhoods, and merchandising is already running. However, for the jersey

After-tax which players earn the most?

There are some days we offered you the ranking of the highest paid players in the league but it were not, of course account the different taxes. And if we consider all this and we consider the net salary, ranking changes. Among the taxes and other am

Bran and Hodor a game Raptors

Fans of the series "Game of Thrones" waiting with great anticipation the arrival of the next season, will no doubt be delighted to know that actors Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Kristian Nairn, who interpret Bran and Hodor are went to a Toront

Winner of the Clippers, New York has its destiny

The Knicks finished their regular season by hosting one of the most spectacular teams in the league: LA Clippers. The opportunity for Blake Griffin (29 pts, 10 rebounds, 6 wt) bully circles Madison Square Garden while Chris Paul, groin injury, was sp

Sochi - Brazilian bobsleigh flies!

Missed training for the Brazilian bobsleigh team. Fabiana Santos and her teammate did not control at all their gear during most of the descent and in a corner, they ended up turning around. Fortunately, they are not injured and will compete in the fi

The future of the Brooklyn Nets logo?

On their website, the Nets gave some clues about their new logo, suggesting that it was now black and white. The logo was to be presented Monday at the press but an employee of Barclays Center has spilled the beans on Twitter, posting pictures of log

Tim Duncan, The Big Fundamental

The man is reserved and not talking. The Master player all the fundamentals of basketball. If it is not spectacular, Tim Duncan embodies the absolute efficiency. So much for the show, good for the win ... The boss of the San Antonio Spurs NBA champio

San Antonio spanking new to finish No. 1

It is really hard this Pop! Without touching it, he had a laugh to balance us dressing in all that time. The best way to get the best spot in the West, it might be well to reject it. For in the end, and for the 6th time in the era Duncan to the Spurs

The Knicks snapped beak Hawks victory

Mike Woodson did not appreciate the latest release of its players who lost against Cleveland. Still on tour in the East, stage tonight Woodson brought to his first love, in Atlanta. And Knicks without Tyson Chandler, pulled out to take the win in a t

Full, Chicago stifles Dallas

Tom Thibodeau could count on the five he had imagined at the beginning of the season. Hamilton alongside Rose in the backcourt and Deng, Boozer around Noah in the middle. Against Dallas, no question of charity, leaving the champion pocketing a win. T

[Mix] Dwyane Wade - The Code of Life

Caution gem. Forget the mix going 200 miles an hour. Forget montages that last more than 5 minutes. Forget the special effects. In this clip M3D focused on telling us the other side of Dwyane Wade's early career decor. "I wanted to show that his

LeBron James, the Heat's new boss?

Alongside LeBron James from his early exploits in Ohio, Brian Windhorst now works for ESPN in Miami, and is therefore well placed to discuss the influence of LeBron James on the Heat. Today, our colleague bluntly says that the number 6 Miami became t

Miami - Chicago was already the playoffs!

The playoffs fast approaching and prestige confrontations are accelerating at the end of the season. Heat and Bulls found themselves again for their fourth and final confrontation in the regular season. Limiting the Bulls to 30 points after the break

Coaching: James Harden, copy / paste Manu Ginobili

His 40 points against the Phoenix Suns show the whole evolution of James Harden, who became a leading offensive threat to its third year. When he was drafted, the back was compared to Manu Ginobili. And watching the night after night in his attitudes

Boston resists "Big Baby"

Paul Pierce, who came out of the first game in more than 40 points a Celtic since the 2005-06 season (it was he who had already scored 50 against the Cleveland Cavaliers - LeBron with a 43 points), do not done to impress us in this end of season. Aft

Sochi - La France, fan biathlon?

Analysis of Facebook statuses allowed to see which countries were talking about the Olympics in Sochi. It also helps to see what sports talk nationals of different countries. And, not surprisingly, it is those in which the fellow internet users earn

New York - Miami, Dallas and LA Lakers-

From 20:00 Double header of choice tonight on Sport +. It starts with New York - Miami and counting with Los Angeles - Dallas. USA Basketball therefore propose two previews to better understand the challenges of these two prestigious events. Virtuall

Coaching: catch up and Mayo

Tonight, OJ Mayo was again decisive in Memphis. While his team was led, the rear bench has arisen in the last quarter, scoring 10 consecutive points to help the Grizzlies to regain the advantage. Including two 3-point shots: a first line and a second

Thunder hazing Reggie Jackson

USA Basketball took up residence on the side of OKC until the end of the season, and this is an opportunity for us to browse through the corridors of the room. After the game against the Kings, it has crossed Reggie Jackson, the third leader of the t

Statistics: that is in the "zone of Champions"?

Yesterday, we were wondering if Boston was now a serious contender for the title. Maybe, but if the Celtics are really champions late in the season, they will actually be an exception, as were the Pistons in 2004. Because the NBA coronation almost sy

OKC - Sacramento Thunder ensures the show

After his defeat at the end of suspense against the Clippers, the Thunder wanted to put things flat before starting a road trip of five games. And against the Kings, it was enough of a quarter time for Durant and Westbrook gets under way ... and how:

Boston is it a serious contender for the title?

Opponents of Toronto next night, the Celtics have a priori a succulent superiority to strengthen their revving since the All Star break. The 2008 champions are 18-8 in the last 26 games and 9-2 in the last 11 oppositions, two resounding success again

[Infographic] where do we run in cities?

Inspired by Nikita Barsukov, who created maps of the preferred routes for riders in some European cities, Nathan Yau has done the same for other cities, especially American. By collecting data from the RunKeeper application, it has been able to recre

Pablo Osvaldo, the fighter Southampton

Southampton striker Pablo Osvaldo, was suspended two weeks by his club for "violating the code of conduct." According to the Dailymail, he would have given a whim to teammate Jose Fonte during a workout. The Argentine player is not his firs

Gerard Pique is transformed into zombie

Gerard Piqué, huge fan of zombies, agreed to be transformed by two women sharing the same passion Madrid as he. From this zany story, a few exchanges of tweets and a banner in the aisles of the Vicente Calderon stadium in the match between Atletico M

[Feature] In the hell Bobcats, part

Continuation and end of our report to the Bobcats, worst NBA team. Sunday night, we find them for Charlotte - Philadelphia. After their success against the Raptors, ex-teammates Boris Diaw then had the opportunity to win for the second time in a row.

[Feature] Diving in hell Bobcats

After you have been living inside the March Madness Basketball USA takes you this weekend in Charlotte. Goal, find the Bobcats, the worst team in the NBA. A tour of purgatory in some way with our photographer Thomas Savoja guide. This Saturday night,

NBA logos reviewed how football clubs

Milan Vuckovic is a Serbian designer and his latest idea was to transform the NBA logos logos of football clubs, such as found in Europe. The idea is original and some logos are particularly successful ... but others are less so. Judge its complete c

peeled in our section Coaching

Mike Brown explained that the system had been designed by his assistant John Kuester. The latter refused to take all the credit and said that it was Mike Brown who deserved praise. After all, whatever. What is certain, however, is that the system set