DLV-sextet at Continental Cup in Morocco

David Storl goes in Marrakech at the start. Photo: Rainer Jensen David Storl goes in Marrakech at the start. Photo: Rainer Jensen Marrakech - end of the season can make the best athletes again right now. $ 2.9 million (2.24 million euros) treats the

Del Potro is no longer able

AFP Monday, 18 August 2008 11:00 p.m. NEW HAVEN - The Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro gave up Monday to take part in the tournament in New Haven Drive, where he was seeded number three, due to exhaustion. The Argentine had to make his entry in the se

Roma, Borriello is likely a month to stop

November 11, 2013 12:21 Bad news at home Rome Infirmary. Marco Borriello, released at 33 'of the first half after a collision with Magnanelli, reported a sprain-contusion to his left ankle. Also today the player will be given extra check, but if the

Sampdoria market: for the door check Agazzi

December 20, 2013 20:02 If the dream Julio Cesar risk, presumably, to remain so, then Samp is called to beat tracks more viable. One of these leads to the extreme Cagliari defender Michael Agazzi, now on the edge of the Sardinian team because of cont

At Christmas, the players will wear socks rayures-

On 25 December, the ten tracks franchises will wear shirts with sleeves, and the biggest stars will even have shoes with a unique design that relates to Christmas. But the NBA decided to go even further by shifting to all players ... striped socks!